About Hashidate

We are a company based in Itoigawa City, Niigata Prefecture, which produces and sells straw crafts, New Year’s decorations, and spring natural mountain vegetables with the help of local elderly people and community members. Our company was founded after World War II as a peddler of goods and established as a food retail business in 1971. Later on, we started to manufacture and sell shimenawa (sacred Shinto rope used for rituals) and process and sell spring natural mountain vegetables, in collaboration with the elderly locals who had supported us since our early days.

Currently, we focus on producing various straw crafts as our main product, in addition to New Year’s decorations such as shimenawa, traditional straw crafts such as rice bags and pot holders, and the development and sales of modern-style goods that combine traditional straw crafts.

Our management philosophy is “the inheritance of tradition and technology begins with new ideas and challenges,” and we produce products that are said to be “old but new,” or “products that we have been looking for and want to make.” We produce our products using rice straw that we produce ourselves, from the raw materials to the finished product. While we maintain the traditional hand-made methods, we also strive to improve work division and efficiency to preserve our traditions for future generations.

We also focus on selling materials such as rice straw and rice ears, aiming to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society by promoting the benefits of natural materials.

Company profile

Company Name Hashidate Co., Ltd.
Representative Shigeki Hashidate
Address 604-1 Katsura, Itoigawa-shi, Niigata 949-1337 Japan
Phone Number +81-25-566-2978
Fax Number +81-25-566-3088
Business Description Manufacture and sale of straw crafts and New Year’s decorations, straw craft experience studio, and sale of spring natural mountain vegetables
Date of Establishment February 15, 1971